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Milton, ON

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Milton's Choice Awards Platnium 2016


Sending our two children to Little Hands was the best decision we've ever made. Both of our little ones have thrived at this daycare. The educators are excellent at engaging the kids in educational activities. They support and comfort our kids when needed, but also promote independence. They work with us on our goals for our children, and care for our kids like they're their own.


October 2022

My son started at Little Hands when he was 1 year old in the middle of the pandemic. I can't even describe how nervous we were. The staff and administration were so professional and friendly that they made this transition very comfortable and easy. I don't see this place as a day care, but the second home of my son. The communication between the daycare and parents is amazing. They keep you updated about everything that is happening. The condition of the rooms is excellent, very clean and a lot of toys to support the learning process at this early age. This is a place with a 5-star team. My child always has a strong bond with his teachers and this is because they care, and they are kind. I'm very relieved knowing that everyday when I go to work, my son is in very good hands at Little Hands.


September 2022

My daughter had an amazing time this summer at Little Hands. The teachers were amazing and kind. My daughter loved all the meal options and said they were yummy. Lastly, they had many activities at the centre as well as field trips away from the centre. Thank you for making my daughter’s summer so special & exciting.

Crystal D

September 2022

My son joined Little Hands Centre 1 in January 2021. I toured many daycare before finding this one, but when I found it I knew immediately that it was the one. What surprised me the most was how quickly he adjusted and felt at home here. The teachers and supervisors provide an environment where he is safe, happy, and cared for.

Even though the pandemic prevented families from entering the daycare for a long period of time, I was still able to form relationships with the supervisors and teachers either at drop off/pickup or through the app.

It warms my heart to see how much his teachers from previous classrooms still care so much about him and are genuinely excited to see him even though he is no longer in their classrooms. A huge shoutout to Kierstin and Amanda who are patient and understanding and always provide a personal touch in each interaction. They are always available to discuss any and all questions and truly care about the development of the children.

I have such a deep appreciation for all of the staff at Centre 1. Their jobs are not easy but they show up everyday with the energy and excitement that children that age need. I highly recommend Little Hands Centre 1 to all families and I’m so grateful that they are a part of my son’s early developmental years.


September 2022

Little Hands Daycare Centre in Milton Ontario is a fantastic daycare provider which is led by a genuinely amazing team of staff. All 3 of my children have attended Little Hands over the years and I couldn’t have been happier with the experience they each received. Each day, my children were excited to go in the morning and had stories of fun and excitement to share at pickup. Little Hands provides the most nutritious, well-balanced meals as well as prioritizes their excellent communication - always keeping me informed of the day’s activities with a nice write-up accompanied by photos. Little Hands is a very clean, well-maintained center that cares deeply for its children and will always be a happy early memory for my kids.


September 2022

What an amazing experience with The Little Hands team! We have been a part of the Little Hands Family since 2015 where both my children attended and sadly my youngest left in August of this year. Words cannot express how grateful I am to the management, the ECE’s and all the teaching assistants that made each day a joyful and positive one for my children. I had toured many child care centre’s prior to choosing this one and had a warm experience from the very beginning. The team is professional and always ready to answer questions and provide feedback.

Throughout this pandemic, the safety protocols implemented are great. I also loved the fact that they have an app set up to be able to communicate with the classroom teachers and be able to see your child participate in the amazing activities planned throughout the day. My children learnt a lot and developed many skills to make it an easy transition to school.

To Adrianna, Stacey and all the teachers – You have all become our family and I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us over the years. I would highly recommend Little Hands to anyone looking for a fun, positive, loving, and educational environment for your Little Ones.

Kindest regards,


October 2021

Our son has been going to Little Hands since he was 11 months old. He's now 4 and about to go to Jr. Kindergarten. From the infant room all the way up to the preschool room, the staff have been nothing but amazing. They're caring, compassionate, knowledgeable & fun. They are very accommodating with any special needs you may have.They go above and beyond for the kids. The facility is clean and bright. They handled the pandemic wonderfully. I trusted and enjoyed it there so much, that even after moving out of town two years ago, we still kept him there. Now it's our time to move on, we will miss the staff but take and cherish the memories.

Nicole & Stephen

September 2021

My daughter joined Little Hands in infant room at Center 2 and I clearly remember how nervous I was about the transition but the love; care and attention she received from the teachers made this transition seamless! She was always excited to go and be picked up by her teachers. She was always well fed and took all her naps and when I went to pick her up; I always found her actively engaged in some activity. Little Hands played a big role in her early development and prepared her well for Kindergarten. I found all of her teachers to be very responsive and they always worked with me if I faced any challenge. Even during the pandemic; teachers and staff worked around the clock to ensure a safe and healthy environment for children which was a blessing in these challenging times. It surely has been a very positive experience and I would highly recommend Little Hands to anyone who is looking for a loving; and nurturing environment for their kids.


August 2021

Little Hands has been such a big part of our family's life. From day one their staff has been accommodating and reliable. During COVID, going back to work has left us with mixed emotions. Little Hands has kept us informed with any safety and health updates as they arise. This makes us feel confident that our children are safe and happy. Plus, through the use of their parent/teacher communication app, we know what activities our kids are engaged in throughout the day. As an educator, I appreciate the effort that goes into planning each of their centres. They take children’s' interests into consideration and create a variety of educational and fun activities for their students. Most importantly, I am grateful that they are taking every precaution needed to ensure that the safety and well-being of each child is their number one priority.


September 2020

Little Hands is a wonderful child care centre with kind and caring staff who always have the children’s best interest in mind. The teachers are consistently planning engaging activities that encourage the children to learn through exploration and play. I really like the fact that the preschool 2 room is made up of the older preschool children and is geared toward preparing these students for kindergarten.

The centre goes above and beyond by planning a lot of extra activities throughout the year, such as a summer BBQ, an outstanding Christmas concert, fun themed days, Mother and Father’s day breakfasts, as well as parent teacher interviews. The supervisors are very organized and amazing with communicating with parents regarding upcoming events, as well as answering questions over the phone or via email. The owner of Little Hands is very involved and is seen at the centre very frequently. He keeps classroom learning resources up to date and current for the children.

After starting out at a different day care centre and moving over to Little Hands, I have noticed my child’s confidence grow and we are both very happy that we made the switch to this centre. I would highly recommend Little Hands to anyone looking for a loving child care centre for their little ones!


November 2018

Our child has been attending Little Hands for 5+ years and we love the centre. Our child has been in the Little Hands infant / toddler / preschool programs and has also enjoyed the summer programs and the before and after school care program.

Each stage of our child's development and "graduation" to each program has brought questions, concerns and new challenges as is to be expected! The current supervisor has always actively heard any of our questions or concerns regarding our child's care and individual needs. Any concerns that we have experienced have been always been properly addressed. We have truly loved several of the staff over the years and been happy and at home at Little Hands. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for child care!


November 2017

In February 2014 we had enrolled our little girl, 1 Year old at the time, at Little Hands after extended research of available day cares in Milton. Right away we had realized that we now have extended family that cares about our daughter’s well-being at all times. Even when she started school 3 years later, Little Hands made sure that she is well taken care of before and after school.

Both our kids are there and having developed a strong bond with almost all the teachers in both centers, I know for sure that I am leaving my kids in a safe loving place where they are happy at all times.


November 2017

Dear Adrianna,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for all the staff, supervisors and owners at Little Hands Daycare that have welcomed both my boys with open hearts.

Having come from a previous daycare that my older son was very reluctant to attend, Little Hands made his transition very easy and he has enjoyed every day here since. All the staff from every classroom has made an effort to get to know my sons and treat them like their own children.

Little Hands has met all of our family needs from hands on childcare to accommodating special requests and has gone above and beyond to make our boys feel welcomed and at home.

I have and will continue to recommend Little Hands Daycare as one of the best child care facilities in Milton.



October 2016

Despite the fact that I had to find a daycare centre in a very short time frame because my family daycare provider fell through, Little Hands Daycare Centre was the best thing that ever happened to my family. The kind, caring, hands on staff were helpful with the transition from my kids being home with me daily to new faces of teachers and friends. The facilities were always clean and tidy which is impressive for the amount of little feet that were there daily

My kids quickly learned their routines and schedules and were truly happy at the end of the day. The catered meals were even a hit with my kids. They ate better at the centre than they did at home some days! They even offer fun meals at holidays.

Little Hands offers many activities and programs throughout the day. When my daughter came home saying “Ola” from learning it in Spanish class, it made me laugh as it was so cute coming from this little person. Music class was a big hit with both of my children. They would be at the dinner table or in the car singing a new song that I remembered from being a kid but had long forgotten about it. The summer programs are also great. There are field trips starting in preschool and my kids both loved having their first bus rides on the school bus. When my son reach kindergarten, he stayed with Little Hands for their before and after school program. He enjoyed taking the bus to and from school each day. His teacher actually raved to me that Little Hands was the most organized of all of the bus drop offs.

The exceptionally caring, understanding, hands on, and always friendly staff were people that I will never forget and were people that helped me to raise my kids into the people I am proud of each day. The manager, Adrianna is always organized, quick to respond and a wonderful person to deal with. She was a shining light whenever I needed something.

We unfortunately moved out of the area or we would still be at Little Hands. I would, without a doubt, highly recommend Little Hands Daycare Centre to any family.


September 2016

Hi Adrianna,

Our time with Little Hands draws quickly to a close as Calum's last day is Friday, August 1. It is with sincere mixed feelings that we are moving on. Calum will be entering grade 1 at a local school in September, and attending the before and after school program in the school will logistically be good for our family. However, it has not been lost on any of us the value that Little Hands has given to our family, especially Calum.

I can't thank you and the staff at Little Hands enough for such a safe, warm and welcoming environment. Calum adapted so well, quickly making his second home at Little Hands. Many staff and not to mention you, stand out in particular to me. I am sure there are others with whom Calum has developed special relationships and who we have not had the privilege in meeting.

To all of you we just want to say a very big thank you and perhaps our paths will cross again. There's always summer camp ;)

Warmest Regards,

Cheryl & Drew

July 2014

To Whom It May Concern,

I am a mother of two children who have been attending Little Hands Daycare for the last three years. Both my children are in the school age room, which is before and after school care and also PA Days.

I will admit that I was a little worried at first. The reason for my worry is my oldest child has severe special needs and I wasn't sure how he would handle the day care, but more importantly, how they would handle him! I must say, I worried for no reason! The staff, management and owners have been absolutely wonderful with both my children. They have never once made me feel like they were unable to handle my son's needs at all. In fact, they include him in everything they do which is great for both my son and daughter, but also to the other children. The reality is, all of us are different and we need to appreciate everyone for who they are. Little Hands makes sure that every child is cared for and respected.

The staff and owners have supported our family so much with their kind words, gestures and sincere understanding over these last three years. I would highly recommend Little Hands to other families as I personally feel that they sincerely care about ALL the children in their care.



July 2014